KhujeDao is an app idea to find lost cats. I often get posts about lost cats from areas I don't live in. This is sub optimal because, like me, most people who see this post can't do anything. The way posts like this spread on social media is through people's network (and not their location). If I live in Banani, it doesn't mean most people in my network live in Banani. Sure, some will. But a lot of the people probably live somewhere else. So, people outside Banani will also get this news while a lot of people who care about and love cats inside Banani wil not. To solve this issue, I've come up with an idea to share posts like this based on location. Imagine a location based virtual notice board that only has notices about lost cats. That's exactly what KhujeDao's core feature is.

I've seen enough posts about cats getting lost to know it happens often enough for people to worry about it. I also know that people use social media to help them find their cat. But that is probably a desperation move. When my friend's cat got lost, she (friend) found it not through social media, but a person living in that area, who did not see any social media post, found and recognized her (cat). So, this begs the question how often are these social media posts helpful when it comes to finding lost cats?

If they are useful at least 30% of the time, I think the app can increase the odds. However if it's rarely useful, maybe the problem isn't that it's not shared in a location based way but rather strangers don't care enough to help find someone else's cat. Since I'm not sure about the answer here, I decided to do a survey. I created a series of question on a google form with an intention of getting an answer to the question: "Is posting on social media effective for finding a lost cat?". I know people will still post on social medias even if the answer is no because the choice is clear when they're desperate to find their lost baby. But for me, in order to build a product, I need some sort of proof that the market exists for something like this and I'm not wasting my time building a solution that ultimately will not work. Of course I will never know for sure whether my product will work or not. But if I can use data to make a prediction, that sounds like the smart thing to do before I start working on it. I'll go and share the form with people and ask them to share it with others. Let's if I can get at least a 100 responses.